Australian Owned Businesses in Sydney Australia

Here are Some Businesses that are driving up Sydney’s Economy.


Gray Line Sydney Day Tours

grayline australia
grayline australia

Based out of Melbourne, Gray Line Sydney Day Tours will be the ultimate option for sightseeing in and around the area. The perfect option for day tours that are going to blend together some impressive sights and still focus on professional accommodations throughout the ride, this is a service to consider to get it all done exactly how you would like it to be done.

This is a family-run business from the Driver family, but don’t go thinking that this is some sort of small “mom and pop” spot. This fleet has an impressive 100 buses and approximately 180 employees to best serve customers who are interested in knowing what quality and comfort look like in a local setting.

With lines around the world, Gray Line has gone the reputation and quality that promises great adventure in combination with modern comfort so that you never have to feel like a second class citizen from the moment that you step onto the bus.

Offering top of the line customer service that only a family-owned business will be able to offer, and equally high standards that speak to the expectations that are behind held by Gray Line, this is a quality option to consider for the next trip that you are taking. You’ll get professionalism, a time-tested business plan, and modern accommodations to make each day impressive and comfortable within these doors.

Gray Line is ready to impress even at a glance, and all is as it seems with this company, and then some.

Gray Line
Wheat Road, street side
behind Sydney Aquarium,
Darling Harbour Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9657 4747



Copy Smart Office Printers & Photocopiers Repair & Services

copysmart sydney
copy smart printer repairs & services in sydney

There’s nothing worse than a bad deal or dishonest sales people, but it happens a lot all over the world. When you need something done right within the printer & copier industry, Copy Smart is going to be the right choice. It’s even right there in the name, after all.

Designed and run by past repair & service professionals in the business, this is about offering quality, professional advice to anyone who walks through the doors. Maybe it’ll end up in a sale and maybe it won’t, but one thing you can guarantee with Copy Smart is that you will be getting honest advice and tips to make sure that, if you choose to use this service, you know what you are getting.

It’s not like you can simply travel around to stores with a photocopier expert at your side, so focusing on making sure that you head to the spot where the photocopier expert is behind the counter is probably a good idea to get your money’s worth out of the experience.

What you’ll get with Copy Smart is practicality, professionalism, and honesty. With the way that the commercial world works these days, those traits are not so much guaranteed anymore, so you should consider this seriously when you are heading out to figure out what, exactly, you’re going to be needing in the confusing world of copy. Copy Smart could be the difference between a good decision and a bad one.

These are the services Copy Smart provide: Photocopier repairs, rental, lease and also Printer repairs, rental, lease and others such as plotter repair. They also supply Second Hand and Used Printers. Very popular brands that they always have in stock are Fuji Xerox and OKI. Oki Multifunction Laser Printers are very good because they always come with 3 years warranty. You can also get excellent deals with their Refurbished Fuji Xerox Printers.

Photocopiers Sydney | Xerox Copier | Office Printer Sale:

Copy Smart
Unit 11/101 Kurrajong Avenue, Mount Druitt NSW 2770
Sydney Australia
1300 267 976

Video About Copy Smart Printers & Copiers in Sydney Australia


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PBD Architects

pbd architects
pbd architects

There is nothing more impressive than a quality building, whether you know the inside scoop on it or not. A well-designed building is simply impressive even to the pickiest eyes. When you need something done the right way – the first time – than you’ll find PBD Architects is sure to be your first stop.

A team built for any project, small or large, you’ll find that all of your needs can be cared-for if you trust what you find waiting for you. Regardless of whether you are looking to build a respectable two-bedroom apartment, or a large condominium building, these are the experts to trust so that it is done to both their and your high standards.

From planning to execution, the team at PBD Architects is experienced and prepared with all of the proper professionals to make sure that every stage has the support, expertise and guidance that is needed to make it a success.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in making this a one-time deal, or something that is going to become part of industry that requires you to come back to where quality knows best, you’ll find the community within PBD Architects is a realistic and comfortable one all around. This company knows that quality costs, but when you know that you can trust the professionals who are waiting to help you within these doors, there’s nothing more comforting than having a professional ,experienced guiding hand to lead you to success.




Strathfield College

strathfield college
strathfield college

The first thing that you need to know about Strathfield College is that it is focused on making sure that everyone gets a quality education. With a special focus on bringing in international students to help offer the best of the best to all who want it. Strathfield College has campuses in both Sydney and Melbourne for as much convenience as possible.

With diverse education options available so that all educational needs are protected, no matter what they are, this college is focused on making sure that each student gets the quality in both education and overall experience that was expected upon arrival.

Using an innovative and constantly evolving educational plan, the planners in Strathfield College always listen carefully to the feedback that received from students, ensuring that each semester starts off more educated and better than before. It is the prime focus because a quality experience starts with the satisfaction of each and every student who comes in.

Each staff member is a perfect fit for the high quality expectations that are held at this college, and student satisfaction extends beyond the classroom, too, with a focus on helping enhance overall quality of life for students. Since a lot of students are international, this place is expected to be a home away from home, and every aspect of this educational institution will hold true to this important factor, one way or another.

Students expect the best with Strathfield College, and that is exactly what they will get when they choose this institution.