Main Businesses in North America, Europe and Australia

Businesses are different in each continent. And between North America, Europe and Australia the difference will not surprise anybody. These continents have developed their economies with whatever resources that they were blessed with. Now we are going to get into some of the businesses in which these three continents have been running on:

The economy in this continent have been growing since the Financial Recession in 2008. It is a healthy and self-sufficient economy. The sectors that are sustaining and fueling this economy are:

Energy: This is one sector of the economy that has grown more in the past years. Technological advancements in drilling and hydraulic fracturing of shale formations have allowed the increase of oil and gas production. The North American continent is now one of the world’s biggest oil producer and also the largest natural gas producer.

Manufacturing: this industry is now expanding. It contributes $2.09 trillion USD directly to the continents economy.

Transportation: with the growth of manufacturing, the transportation sector has also grown. It has showed sales and profit growth since 2010. The gains in the trucking industry has shown demand for domestic shipments.

Cuatro Torres Business Area Spain Europe


It is one of the world leader in many different industries. Some of the main businesses sectors of their economy are:

Automotive: 34 percent of vehicles are manufactured in Europe. So this is one of the leading industry in the economy of this continent.

Aerospace: France and the UK are leaders in this sector. It has over 4 million employees.

Defense: this industry has generated 770,000 employees. The defense industry includes aeronautics, electronics, military vehicles, ships and others.

Chemicals: this sector represents 27 percent of the world’s total production of chemicals. Germany as the leader, followed by France, Italy and UK.

Australian GDP expands every year by 3% and it has one of the lowest debt a government can have in the world. The natural resources like gold, natural gas and oil makes this country lucky. Also the strategic location next to the biggest economic areas like Asia Pacific and USA helps. Some of the main sectors are:

Financial industry: banks are the specialty of this continent. These banks (CommonWealth Bank, Westpac, National Australia Bank and ANZ) are ranked in the World’s 50’s safest banks.

Business Consulting Firms: they make assistance and consulting advice to large and small businesses. These are really important for the growth of businesses. The Consulting Firms can be grouped into 4 categories: Strategy and General business consulting, Human Resource consulting, Information Technology consulting and Sustainability consulting.

Metal and Mining industry: as expected, this sector is one of the main businesses of the Australian economic. Some of the industries in this sector are: Black Coal Mining, Brown Coal Mining, Oil & Gas Production, Iron Ore Mining, Bauxite Mining, etc.

In North America: the main businesses are Energy, Manufacturing and Transportation
In Europe: Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Chemicals
In Australia: Financial Industry, Business Consulting Firms and Metal and Mining industry.